Operation We Care for Liberia (OWCL)

"Liberians need a form of relief from the people who have terrorized their country for the past 25 years and dehumanized the population" – Bernard Gbayee Goah

Who We Are

Operation We Care for Liberia (OWCL) is a movement dedicated and committed to the complete transformation of Liberia into an economically and politically strong country led by moral, ethical men and women unencumbered by the divisive, destructive politics of the past.  OWCL as a movement shall advance the interests of the people of Liberia as it sees fit as well as promote unity, understanding and cooperation amongst the people of Liberia wherever they may be.

(OWCL) is driven by the belief that the people of Liberia must be bounded by shared values such as, respect for the rule of law, democracy, education, religious freedom, respect for the environment, as well as the dignity of labor. Also, protection of the individual rights, including the rights of women, as well as self-respect and respect for others must be integral to the order of business in Liberia as well as in Liberian communities in the Diaspora at all levels.

This order of business shall usher in a harmonious, dynamic age punctuated by Professionalism, Enlightenment, Productivity, Accountability, Growth, Development, Freedom, Prosperity and justice in Liberia and Diaspora Liberian communities.

(OWCL)  shall press on until the entire Liberia and Liberian communities in the Diaspora are relieved of the deeply entrenched slave-oriented mindset which has pitted brother against brother, causing division, suspicion, mistrust, poverty, stagnation and underdevelopment.


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